Boat Detailing Prices Lake LanierFirst Time Wash/Interior Detail

·  Outside washed with pH balanced soap safe for all waxes and sealants.

· All items taken out in order to thoroughly clean all compartments.

· Carpet either pressure washed or steam cleaned depending on conditions, then vacuumed.

· Vinyl seats deep cleaned.

· Glass and metal cleaned streak free.

$5 per foot, according to model number. Pontoons are $10 per foot.

Maintenance Wash

· Weekly, biweekly, or every 4 weeks.

· Intended to maintain results after a First Time Wash.

· Year round; ideal for yacht owners who like coming to a clean boat every day without the hassle.

$2-$3 per foot depending on style of boat.

Wash and Wax

  • Includes all First Time Wash services.
  • Polymer sealant applied.

Prices starting at $10 per foot. $15 per foot if polishing is necessary .

Oxidation Removal/Full detail

  • Includes all First Time Wash services.
  • When polishing and waxing leaves your boat looking shiny but uneven in color and texture, it is oxidized.
  • Methods for oxidation removal include compounding and sanding.

Prices start at $20-$40 per foot depending on number of steps needed to remove oxidation from jelcoat and body style of boat. Test spot may be needed to give correct price.