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About Lanier Mobile Detailing

When you think about Lanier Mobile Detailing, we hope you think of showroom quality detailing. Our goal is that every time we detail your automobile, boat or RV, you leave feeling like it is once again brand new. We understand that life is messy. Whether your car has been subjected to the sticky fingers of little kids or slobbers from your pet, your boat has enjoyed exciting weekend adventures, or camping has left your RV in need of a good scrub, Lanier Mobile Detailing is here to help. With all of the right tools and professional staff, your vehicle will be returned to its former glory.

When starting this company, it was determind that it should be done so in reference to what the client would want if they had all the product and skills knowledge that we do. So when we remove stains there are no chemical residues left behind to attract new staining. Our tire dressing dries onto the tire, no sling! When asked to remove swirl from car paint, it is done with abrasive compounds only and longe lasting protection is applied after, giving you a flawless finish that will last years rather than months. During oxidation removal on a boat all the snaps are taken out before sanding and buffing giving you a flawless appearance. When the prodject is complete the client is allowed time to inspect it before paying. I’ll stop there before giving away too many trade secrets… you get the idea.

Don’t waste your time doing it yourself, you have better things to do!

We are fully mobile, carrying our power and water where ever we go. So we can detail at your home, office, storsge, marina, ect.

All paint correction and oxidation removal jobs have to be quoted on site and may require a test spot to determine work load and thus price.